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Eta(η) Tea

Eta tea is a concept branding and packaging project for a concept tea company called Eta based in Brooklyn, NY.

Name of Eta

Eta, the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet (η), is often used as a symbol for seven in many academic areas. For the Eta tea company, it means the seventh and final step in tea making, after six major processing steps including harvesting, crushing, tearing, curling, oxidizing and grading, which the company have done perfectly for their customers. The seventh step is the final step in making a perfect cup of tea and the only step that takes place in the customer's hand, brewing.


Since Eta is a premium tea brand that only sells highest quality tea products, I traced back to the root of what premium tea meant back in the days when only the privileged could enjoy such beverage in the Western world. I took inspiration not only from old tea tins, but also luxury items like premium tobacco tins and vintage cosmetics packaging. I wanted to create a brand and packaging that convey the quality of the tea leaves it contains, and has a classic and elegant look with a hint of modern vibe.